Our commitment to the environment

Our resources around the world are limited and we should all treat our beautiful planet with respect. As manufacturers of baby food, we consider it our special duty to leave behind a beautiful world for the small children and babies of today. Which is why sustainability has always played a special role in our products.

  1. Bimbosan uses organic raw materials wherever possible
  2. Eco-friendly packaging: Bimbosan is the only company in the world that produces baby food in eco-friendly refill bags. Just buy the practical tin with measuring spoon once, then you can keep refilling it with the refill bag. This protects the environment and goes easy on your wallet
  3. Bimbosan products are made in Switzerland which keeps transport distances short
  4. When you buy milk for your baby, make sure it is from Switzerland. Buying these high-quality products supports Swiss farmers who are caretakers of our beautiful countryside.

Only the best Swiss milk is good enough for Bimbosan.

Swiss milk: naturally healthy and animal-friendly.

All Bimbosan milks are made using top-quality milk from Swiss farms.

All this is in favour of Swiss milk:

  • Swiss cows eat high-quality feed, which gives high-quality milk.
  • Regular, independent controls guarantee the best quality.
  • 98% of Swiss farmers farm according to the ecological standard PEP*.
  • One of the strictest animal welfare laws in the world promotes animal welfare.
  • Small family farms preserve the Swiss cultural landscape.
  • Short transport routes protect the environment and ensure maximum freshness.

* PEP (proof of ecological performance) is the Swiss standard for environmentally friendly agriculture. Source: Swissmilk.

Quality instead of quantity.

Small farms are usually better for both animals and the environment – and therefore also for the quality of the milk. Average number of cows per farm in comparison:

Swiss quality as a trademark.

Bimbosan does not only focuses on Swiss quality for milk. All our products have been manufactured in Switzerland for over 85 years, and we work almost without exception with Swiss companies.

Bimbosan is therefore not only good for babies, but also for the Swiss economy. It would be great if we could also contribute to the growth of both in future.

Important: Breast milk is best for your baby. The WHO recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months.

Source: Swissmilk